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More Life For Your Life

The All New CITROËN C4 Cactus takes its inspiration from you. It creates a new formula for enjoying life on the move; more of what matters, shaped with ingenious simplicity. It’s tailor made to spark your own unique creativity, through colour, design, materials and technology; one great idea leads to another.

The name ‘Cactus’ was chosen because like a real cactus it doesn’t need much water (this car also does not drink much fuel which makes it fuel efficient) while it also passively protects itself with the patented Airbumps® on the exterior of the car, just like a cactus does with its thorns.
Register your interest and explore the cutting edge of design, sophistication made simple, contemporary comfort and efficient performance of the All New CITROËN C4 Cactus.


Bringing customers more of what really counts
The world is changing and consumer expectations are changing even faster.
What about cars?

In response to that question, CITROËN has adopted an original approach, bringing customers more of what really counts through technological innovations and forthright choices on design, comfort, user-friendliness and running costs.

The C4 Cactus shifts the paradigm with a new combination of automotive content while remaining faithful to CITROËN’s DNA and Créative Technologie baseline. The CITROËN C4 Cactus is the car that addresses today’s questions, with new ideas for a new world!



Exterior design: reconciling styling and use
With its strong yet eminently practical design features, the C4 Cactus meets a growing need for efficiency with its optimised shapes and flowing style lines.


Airbump®, a world exclusive
The Airbump® is a successful fusion of style and practicality. A world exclusiv, the supple skin protects your vehicle from everyday bumps and stratches while lending visual structure to the Citroën C4 Cactus. The secret? A multitude of air capsules under a supple thermoplastic polyurethane skin, whose soft finish absorbs minor impact and offers tougher resistance to scratches.

Interior Design

The feel inside the C4 Cactus is elegant yet laidback. The cabin evokes the idea of travel with nods to the luggage sector.

- door handles with "luggage trunk" design (leather straps) and a large storage compartment, the "Top Box", on the top of the dashboard
- harmony between the seat upholstery, door design and dashboard with three design schemes: black / grey, purple / grey or brown / grey.


Comfort - Laidback Interior

Dedicated to wellbeing
The interior design of the C4 Cactus is focused on an uncluttered, high-tech layout dedicated to wellbeing.
This aesthetic choice, fully in line with the philosophy of the C4 Cactus, frees up space for the driver and passengers while lending the cabin a strong graphic feel in which each component has its natural place.

Sophisticated Interior

Panoramic Sunroof

Letting the light in, keeping the heat out
The CITROËN C4 Cactus does away with the need for a sunblind to protect against glare and excessive heat. The optional panoramic glass roofs with advanced heat protection features an innovative treatment that lets the light in but keeps the heat out.

Elegantly Ergonomic

7" Touch Drive Interface

100% digital and 100% intuitive
All C4 Cactus controls are grouped in a single screen. Motorists use the standard-fit 7-inch touch tablet and its seven touch-sensitive buttons to control all vehicle funtionalities with a single click.

Serene Ambience